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This post is made so anyone can talk to Naoi at anytime!  Any type of communication is perfectly fine (video, voice, text, action etc) Please be sure to give the date along with the type of communication when posting!  
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[Though he wouldn’t say it out loud, Naoi knew something was wrong.

Yuri had been gone for over a month now. Missions generally didn’t last that long—at least from what he’d seen and experienced himself. And Yuri of all people wouldn’t allow them to last that long. As much as the two of them don’t get along, daily threats in practically all of their conversations, he knows her and how she is. She’s a leader; she pushes forward and gets things done quickly, especially when she has a house of idiots (not including God and Otonashi of course) to get back to before everyone kills each other.

But today he understands why things have been so strange.

As he walks past Yuri’s bedroom, her door is slightly open. He normally wouldn’t care and think much of it but that’s not how it was left and there’s something different about the inside of the room from what he can see. He pushes open the door all the way and…

…It’s empty, with the exception of a few things.

Ah. So that explains it all.

He’s been through two similar instances like this (when Otonashi and Hinata first left) so he doesn’t even need to question what’s going on. In a way though, he’s disappointed that she’s gone. They may not have been “friends” but Yuri had been with him here the longest and he respected her and she understood him in some ways the others didn't, though it may not have shown very well at all just by looking and listening to them. It was a silent understanding and respect.

But her leaving also reminds him that he has yet to do anything with this “second chance” he’s been given and could be sent home any day himself with nothing accomplished. He’s come to realize that his lifestyle here has reflected his childhood almost perfectly, and that alone is enough to scare him. So after reading his letter and moving some of the guns she left behind to his room, he decides it’s time for him to change that.

Housemates, expect a knock at your bedroom doors. God has a letter for everyone and Yotsuba even gets an extra present from Naoi himself. Just a little something he needs to get rid of and move on.

When he’s done distributing letters and explaining things to everyone in the house, he opens up his journal to make an entry]

Yuri Nakamura has returned to the world of the miserable and the dead. She’s gone. She left behind letters for Mr. White Knight [Yes he’s referring to you Hisoka. You better understand otherwise you get no letter!!!], Sokka, Hayate, Shinji, Rin, Tsuzuki, Ange and Isamu. Come by house forty to pick them up if you want them, God doesn’t have time to personally search for you all.

[Later in the day, anyone is free to catch him at the battle dome, setting up a scenario or in his chamber practicing shooting strange blobby shadows on what looks like school grounds with the guns he took from Yuri’s room.]
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[ It was your average day in Luceti. Nothing strange to see here. Except, of course, Naoi and Yuri are actually spending time together. Walking through the town plaza, quietly bickering as normal. ]

Just some more arguing on top of arguing )

[ voice recording on journal in addition to action now ]

Otonashi's not here anymore, you're going to drive yourself nuts if you don't at least do something other than play games and yell at Yotsuba and me.

[SIGH are we really doing this Yuri?] Who are you to tell God what he should do? I will decide on my own what to do. Besides, if I go nuts it will be your fault along with that brat's.

If Yotsuba and I weren't here you probably would've locked yourself in a room after Otonashi left and wilted away. [ Yuri reaches over to mess with one of his bangs. ] Ah, it looks like sunburn from being outside for more than 2 minutes..

[WHOA HANDS OFF HOLY... HAIR. Swatting her hand away] Don't touch God!

[ She is tired of trying to be friends with him sometimes, she really is. DOES ALL THE NICE THINGS while teasing the hell out of him and he just gets all snappy with her all the time. ] Do you want to start the whole "I'm God" thing with the girl who really wants to beat God's face in? It'll make me feel better if you do!

We've discussed this before you idiot, I'm not the God you're really after. But by all means try and punch me and I, God, will bring you down harder than I had before and make you regret ever laying a hand on me.

I know you're not, it'd just make me feel better about having to deal with this "Oh I'm going to take you down" crap every time I don't put your special plate back in the cabinet in the right order. [ Maybe she's nitpicking but she's getting ANNOYED. As.. usual, but hey. ] You know, it's not like you wouldn't come back if I offed you here. Just the same as being dead, just you'd have to deal with some other handicap on top of it! Maybe they'll take your stupid hypnotism!

Oh they wouldn't I assure you because I won't be dying here in the first place. How about I kill you instead if you think it's the same as that hellhole? They could take your vocal cords and finally shut you up. [A teasing smile] It would give God some peace and quiet for a while.

Try it! I'll poke both of your eyes out before you can get a single thing done! [ Yuri narrows her eyes. Oddly, she doesn't seem totally pissed off, just.. the same level of annoyed as usual. Which probably makes this seem common, which is probably pretty screwed up. Neverind that they're screaming that they're going to destroy each other in public. ]

You'll be driven into madness and paranoia before you can raise a finger against me. [Naoi is just as annoyed as her, glaring down at her. Being this annoyed is like a daily thing for him now though. Their relationship: flawless.]

[ GONNA PULL OUT A KNIFE. WEAPONS THREATS ARE OKAY TOO RIGHT? As long as she doesn't actually like. Hurt him. ...Probably. She smiles, twirling the knife with her fingers and taking a step toward him. ] Want to find out?

[IT'S JUST ANOTHER EASY CHALLENGE FOR GOD] Go right ahead. [ He's ready to turn his eyes red and make a grab for her hair. GO ON YURI.

...But no seriously, it's probably a good idea if someone comes and breaks this up. ]
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tl;dr action for house 40 )

[A little while later, when Naoi has his anger and tears under.. decent control, he opens his journal]

Yuzuru Otonashi is gone. [Then he closes the journal.  He has nothing left to say.  There is nothing else to say.

His best friend is gone and that's that.]

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[Action - Locked to Yotsuba]

[Breaking into the building is no problem for Naoi.  It only takes him a minute or two to unlock the door and walk right in.] So this is the S.O.S. I've heard so much about.  Man, what a dump.  I was expecting a little more.

[But he'll go ahead and wander around, getting a good look at everything.]

[Action - Open]

[A little while later, after Yotsuba meets up with Naoi... things get a little crazy.

If any of you brigade members are coming in for a meeting or just coming in to hang out... you're in for a nice little treat.  The entire place is a mess.  Things are knocked over, there's a broken glass or two, books have been pulled out of their places on the shelves, oh--and not to mention there's a little girl screaming and running around trying to get away from a grumpy teenager.  

Even if you're just passing by, you're bound to hear the noises coming from inside.

All that screaming, it sounds like someone's being murdered.]

((OOC: This is a joint post with Yotsuba.  The order will be going Naoi -> Yotsuba -> You!))

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[Within the past week, Naoi's household has grown by two roommates, his best friend Otonashi and that stupid little girl, Yotsuba, so it's been quite the week for him.  As happy and thrilled as he is to have his favorite person ever here in Luceti, that brat causes a problem.  With her around he can't cling to Otonashi as much as he'd like!  She keeps getting in the way and beating him to the punch.

This needs to be dealt with.  Now.  Whether Otonashi likes it or not, this girl has to go... but of course she can just mysteriously disappear.  Can't have his best buddy thinking Naoi just gave her the boot!  Then he would be mad at him and that's a very bad thing.  So when he opens his journal, he puts up a filter]

[Voice - Filtered away from Otonashi and Yotsuba]

Does anyone here know how to get rid of a pest?  Not of the insect variety either. [If she was, Naoi would have crushed her by now, which is still tempting to do]

You see, she arrived at our apartment just the other day and now she won't leave.  I would like to get rid of her as soon as possible.  I don't care about how the deed is done either, as long as it's subtle.  Any suggestions?

[After that, he simply shuts his journal and wonders over to where ever Otonashi is in the apartment to go and hang with him like the coolest bro ever.]
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[The moon was the first thing to grab his attention when Naoi stepped outside this morning but then a hat caught his eye.

It's not something he'd usually want to wear, especially since he likes the hat the he has's so tempting to wear.  Just it's very being is saying 'put me on!', as silly as it sounds.  So after putting his normal hat back in the apartment, he makes his way out of the building while putting this new one on.  He walks down the steps as he secures the hat on his head when suddenly, he just falls.  Like the ground and everything was taken out from under his feet.  Landing on the ground, it takes him a second to realize...

....He shrunk.  The steps behind him loom over him and the grass becomes like a jungle.  And to make this even better, as he looks around, a raindrop smacks down right on his head and he falls face first into the dirt.  This is going to be a problem.

So just outside of community building five (because it's not like he can go too far in his state), Naoi will be running around frantically, doing his best to avoid every little menacing drop of water that falls from the sky.  He's already been hit a couple times which is obvious since he's soaking wet right now.  He has tried getting back up the stairs but well...the steps are kinda tall and he's...extremely short at the moment.

Anyone care to help a miniature size god before he drowns or gets stepped on?]

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That experiment a few days ago was quite entertaining if I do say so myself.  So many of you made a fool of yourselves and I didn't even have to lift a finger to assist in it!  This place isn't as dull as I thought it would be. [He laughs]

If only those events could have lasted longer.  [SIGH it was so fun trolling people] What do you all do for fun around here when you aren't being turned into a pack of idiots? 


[Though Naoi arrived here a few weeks ago, he's still adjusting and taking in the fact that he's alive (?) again.

But why here of all places?  It makes no sense.  Did God not want to send him back to live on Earth and possibly see Otonashi again?   In a way he almost even misses Hayato, his twin brother, even though he always stole the spot light in the family.  After he disappeared from the school he was hoping to go home and redeem his life…make it better than the first.  Actually DO something with his life instead of sitting on his ass like a failure.

Not that it matters anymore.  He was sent here, and there’s nothing he can do about it, might as well make the best of it.  So for most of the day, as he wonders off to the library or goes to the battle dome to just watch people fight from above, he'll often out and stare at whatever is in front of his eyes, thinking about all of this.]


Sep. 8th, 2011 12:31 am
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President: AYATO NAOI
Status: Present
o Call meetings
o Ensure that all of council members have an equal say
o Act as the tie breaker when a vote amongst the members ends in a tie
o Sign letters, notices and other paperwork issued by the council
o Maintain contact with school authorities and staff
o Overlook enforcement of school rules and disciplinary action
o Prepare agenda with Secretary
Status: Present
o Takes over the responsibilities of the present when he is absent
o Assists the president in the organization of the council
o Accompany president to all meetings and events that he is required to attend

Status: Absent 
o Keep student body informed about the activities and plans of the council
o Keep notice boards updated
o Inform council during meetings of the student body’s reactions and responses to planned events
o Take photographs of student council activities to accompany reports and notices on notice board
o Promote good communication between the council and the student body and teachers

DATE: 09/05


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